Oh, no, no. It's not me. Pete and Brenda, from our bike club, left Friday morning on just such a trip, on their tandem. Because Friday is a ride day for the club, 12 of us escorted them out of town, for the first 30 miles. Kinda like fighters escorting a bomber.

The route for the first day, took them to Davis, CA. 67 perfectly flat miles. Here we are on the levee that separated the Feather River from disaster.

I got a phone call from Brenda that night. Just after they left us, their paniers fell off. It took them 45 minutes to fix it, but that was their only problem. Boy, even though they traveled light, I could barely lift the back of the bike!

This picture proves I was there. The young lady behind me was the daughter of one of our riders. She was a strong rider, but pooped out at about mile 50 of our 60 mile ride. I think she worked a bit too hard.

An e-mail from Brenda just a few minutes ago says they have made it through day 2 without incident. They seemed to really appreciate our "escort service".