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    Test rode two bikes yesterday

    I have been missing out on a lot of cycling due to a major kithcen remodel (two entire walls removed) that I am doing with my sons. When I saw an ad in the paper for a drawing for a free bike with a test ride at the LBS I thought it would be a good break. Free luch too.
    I was suprised when I got to the LBS to see two large enclosed trailers with Trek logos all over them. One was for mens bikes and the other for womens.
    After a short wait in line I asked for a 29er hard tail mtn bike. The one in my size was out so I took a Gary Fisher Cronus Pro instead.
    The Cronus Pro is quite a bike. It has a CF frame with a large bottom bracket, a tapered head tube and a slighlty wider front fork spacing. It came with all Ultegra components, Bontrager high end wheels and even Bontrager tires.
    As soon as I took off on it I was impressed by how fast I could accelerate. I spent the next 1/2 hour zipping up and down the Rail Trail in Inverness.
    I was also impressed by how nice it rode. I could easily see myself eating up a lot of miles in a day on this bike.
    Then I took it back and traded for a Mtn. bike. It was a Gary Fisher Superfly with 29" wheels, disc brakes, and a very light (to me anyway) CF frame.
    It took me about 30 seconds to love this bike as I charged across the parking lot and into an open field. The thing took off like no mtn. bike I had ever ridden. After the first squeeze on the disc brakes, when both tires skidded, I learned that they are super quick stoppers too .
    I found a large mulch pile and climbed it a few times, then jumped a couple of curbs including a curb in a parking lot and up onto the sidewalk both in one mighty bunny hop.
    I rode it across the trail and found a nice steep pile of old overgrown dirt and attacked it like I knew what I was doing. Then I finished off by plowing through some high weeds just for fun.
    I took it back and told the Trek Lady that if I was looking for a new mtn. bike that one would be at the top of the list. Then I asked how much it was.
    "Around $4400", she replied.
    I went home and back to work on the kitchen.

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    The better they ride...the more they cost.
    The thoughts and opinions expressed by this poster are his own and should not be misconstrued as gospel. They are and were not meant to inflame, enrage or otherwise tick anyone off, usually.
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