Since I just turned 54 this past week, I thought I'd post my latest video here:

Had an epic day of mountain unicycling, and my first time at Chantry Flats in Sierra madre. This is bear country and thousands of acres of awesome wilderness! The Winter creek trail there is very reminiscent of both Noble canyon and Tahoe Rim trail.

Some killer tech sections and the most amazing single track that is pretty darn narrow in some sections...with a HIGH penalty for mistakes and missteps!

The fall I had at Cold Springs a week ago is nothing compared to potential fatal fall you could have here! For most of this trail is totally exposed with sheer drops down to jagged rocks and deep, fast running streams at the bottom, sometimes hundreds of feet down!

It was a long drive and $10 adventure pass, (Double the normal $5, but I didn't know one was required until I got there) but it was more than worth it. Fun and scary at the same time. Countless stream crossings and more waterfalls than I could count! And no bear sightings, (thankfully!) but I did see a very healthy bobcat...who was too fast for me to have a chance to film or snap a pic.

Hope you enjoy and appreciate your comments.