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Thread: What a start

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    What a start

    What a start to a new year. I decided to give an effort to ride a CAM (Century A Month) this year. The January century is in the books, although begrudingly. How was I supposed to know a January century would be that tough. All the holiday eating along with a great reduction in riding did make it a bit difficult. The cold wind did not help either. But it is done. Now to February.

    I have other plans for this year, which includes a number of self supported tour rides. Nothing over a week, but I am still running a business, so that is all I can do.

    Who else has big plans for 2010.
    I started riding my bike to get healthy. Now I try to stay healthy so I can ride my bike.

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    If anything, I started cutting back on my bicycle miles last year, and I may even cut back some more this year. Since doing so, I freed up considerable time and energy for other personal projects, that normally would have gone to saddle time and bicycle maintenance/repair. Though, I'm now still averaging 300+ miles a month in saddle time.

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