I've had a couple of very friendly exchanges this evening, as is always the case on this site, which I treasure

After a few miserable months following an injury, I'm going back to Yorkshire UK tomorrow to see my (sadly, aged) mother, who wanted to see me over Christmas, but I was too crocked

Looking forward to it. Yorkshire is, quite objectively, paradise, and at its best when the lambs, daffodils and bluebells are out in early Spring, which is now

And to make this possibly Bike Forums relevent, I've sneaked an order for a Cannondale Road Tandem with some red hearts over its white paint as a 25th anniversary for me and spouse o'last 25 years, who has looked after me very kindly while I was crocked and grumpy.

Hope she likes it. More to the point, hope I can ride it with a wonky leg and all!