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    O.T.; though relevant to 50+

    As we continue to age while dealing with some physical challanges, we're going through some adaptive changes here in Crankyville.

    On Tuesday I intend to start shopping for vehicle Hand Control devises for a driver with lower leg issues significant enough to interfere with operating brake and accelerator pedals. This driver also has very weak left hand/arm usage.

    An extra bonus would be to find a device that can be readily transfered from one vehicle to another ...'96 Camry, '03 S-10, '94 E-150.

    I'm a virgin in this area of expertise and though there are two reputable shops in our county that do vehicular handicap adaptations, I would like to be knowledgeable anough to understand what they're talking about and aware of what is available out on the open market. I've done business with both shops, in fact one of them built our Van for us back in '94. Short of actually having a lift and wheel chair anchors already installed, it was built to be adapted for wheelchair transport if need be. The need has not materialized yet and may never occur.

    If anyone has had any experience with hand control devices your input would be appreciated. Opinions as to ease of use from on type to another, brands, models, adaptability between vehicles or between abled and less abled driver, etc.

    My freedom to ride will be less limited and guilt-ridden (statement inserted to stay somewhat bike related), but most importantly a person near and dear to me will regain a large bit of independence and sense of self worth.

    Thanks for your patience with this unusual diversion from the light hearted banter that normally anchors the sanity that is 50+.
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