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    80F feels cool!!!

    The temp over here is getting high- higher than we are used to so it was time for an earlier start for todays ride. Experimentation with a camera mounted on the bike for Videos so sorry about showing you some of our countryside. Went with Ross and I hate to say it but the 2 months commuting he has done has made him too fast for me. The 6 miles out to the hills on the flat roads and Mups were just too fast at an average of 25mph. I started the first climb of 300ft over 1/2 mile with about 10% grade with legs that just felt a little bit leaden. Second climb was easier with 500ft over the same distance.

    Big advantage of this climb is the .7 mile at 16% that greets you at the top. I say advantage as Boreas does descend at speed well. Ross had to back of at around 45mph. So onto Birling gap which is right on the coast. Won't be much longer as coastal erosion is cutting in here. The 5 Coastgaurds cottages in this vid used to be 8 and the Cafe/hotel has lost the garden it used to have.

    I started riding 20 years ago and my "Mate" Mike took me on my first ride. It was this ride today and the section of road from Birling gap to BeachyHead is-and always has been- an uphill struggle for me. It is only 2 miles long at and average of 5% but it always gets through to me. So I waved goodbye to Ross and told him to get the Ice Creams in. There is something about that section that always gets me but it nearly got Ross aswell. The heat coming from the road was making us leak a bit and I reckon it was pushing 100F in the still air.

    Top of Beachy Head and down the ZigZags. just a series of switchbacks down an 8% slope that we normally climb. It is a good climb and I can't remember the last time I went down it. But it does show the problem of a bar mounted camera- vibration is a bit too high

    I never feel that amount of vibration unless I am offroad so I reckon I will have to get a helmet mount for the camera. But Coffee and Pie time now Down to Fuscardis and a large coffee and an apple danish. Just didn't feel like anything sweeter today.

    The temp was getting a bit too high for comfort so it was time to head backand hence the title of this posting. Couple of years ago I built a pool in the garden for the wife. I have only ever been in it once before and that was after a hot ride aswell. No idea what the air temp was but the water at 80F felt cold. There is something about me and Swimming pools- I knew we should have got a hot tub instead.

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    It's currently 97F in the shade here at 60% Humidity...

    Doesn't feel cool.
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    It was 97f with 92% humidity on my afternoon ride today. I could only muster two hours of ride time before I had enough. 80 degrees would have felt grand! Maybe I can get my wife to get me to build her a pool in the back yard.
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    It hit 108 in Vegas last weekend. I'm grateful for our pool. Its the only thing that makes summers here tolerable.

    The positive is no humidity, no flys and very few mosquitoes.
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