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    A Favorite Ride - 5,000 acres in the middle of the city

    Cherry Creek State Park and Lake is a 5,000 acre refuge right in the middle of south metro Denver. It is 6.5 miles - partly by trail (soon to be finished) from my front door. The trip around the lake is about 9-10 miles, and add in about 4 miles for the spur trail, and the total ride was about 28 miles.

    There are deer - I watched one for some time, but did not get a picture. Lots and lots of bicyclists from the nearby neighborhoods, and commuters using the trails as a short cut through town. There is a major southern downtown area just to the west.

    Total smiles per mile - an average of about 10, for 280 smiles. Or thereabouts!!

    Here are some pictures from this morning's ride. (I have been riding about 125 miles per week - that's a LOT of smiles).

    You can see the business areas around the park.

    First is my morning breakfast break.

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    Looks real nice!
    10 smiles per mile? weak

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