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    Anyone had IT band surgery? "Lateral release"?

    So, after a year of IT band issues, and trying EVERYTHING, including cortisone, every stretch imaginable, foam rolling, yoga, over a month of not riding multiple times, I am still unable to ride more than about 35-40 miles at a time until the sharp pain sets in. Even riding very easy for 40 miles will bring this on. Hard rides can cause the onset at 15 miles.

    I've had X-rays (nothing), haven't yet had an MRI.

    I'd welcome any suggestions, and especially any feedback from anyone who's actually had the surgery.

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    what does the surgery do? lengthen? shorten? I was luck with my IT Band issue this past winter. get well soon. btw, I gave up cycling for a while and concentrated on swimming; weight training and running,
    cycling is like baseball ~ it doesn't take much to make it interesting

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