9 am and me and Ross were off up the hills. 2 miles to a Multi vehicle Path and that was hard- Rock Hard. 3 months of little rain has left it dry and dusty and the vehicle tyre ruts have to be looked out for. But 6 miles from home and we hit the Hills at Wilmington. This is where the "Local" Chalk Carving is and the Name of "Long Man" is quite appropriate. It May be an Ancient carving but there is no proof of it before about 1800 so may be a fake. Our route was taking us up Windover Hill to the rear of this hill so we were taking the easy- 12% climb for a mile to get to the top of the Downs

Flongman..jpg Fwindoverhill..jpg Ftrack..jpg

This is the hill that caught me last week so am pleased to say the offroad legs are back. But I had a problem appear about now- I had a Crank Creek come in. Except it wasn't the Cranks. I had Broken the seat post bolt and the saddle was getting loose. Couple of miles across the top of the Downs and it was obvious that I was going to have to cut the ride short. I did manage a temporary repair but that was not going to last long so I Even had to miss out on the Decent Downhill.

Ross didn't though- but I wish I had kept the Video Running. We knew we we being caught by a couple of riders and they came down straight after Ross---BUT a lot slower. Couple of 25Year olds on top of the range Bikes and it was obvious they were worried by this slope. I have been riding it for 20 years and Ross for 15 and you have to let the bike go and try to miss the Flints. Doesn't work unless you stay off the brakes- but that is what maturity brings you- A Loss of brain power.

So only a short ride this week but I did feel like a lot more. Don't now as The butt is a bit sore so glad the Ride was shorter than expected.