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    Tough ride Saturday, bonk and Vintage Content

    Iv'e been sick for three weeks now. I came down with that cough that has been going around. Crud in the lungs is what I'm talking about. I can't lay around and I would rather ride sick than loose fitness ground. So, I decide to bite off a 56 miler. I left at 0645 Hrs and it was already 78 DEGF. I decided to ride my Vitus Carbone 3 because I had no hills, just some rollers. BTW, I am running a 13x28 IRD freewheel and it matches well with my Mavic 51x42 chainwheels. The freewheel is silent! I love this bike, mostly for the "cool" factor, but it does glide down the road well. It's much smoother than my Smoothie, LOL. At halfway, I saw another group headed back so I didn't take a break, just grabbed more water and chased. Thats when I realized I forgot my Cliff bars. I need to eat, within 90 minutes of riding, or my energy just tanks. I caught the group mostly beacuse they had stopped in the only shade for miles. Let's add up the factors, sick, 100+ DEGF, didn't eat and at mile 41, I bonked with 15 miles to go. I was almost home when my tubular tire blew. Good grief! I had enough left to walk up my driveway, hang up the bike, and hit the shower. I was light headed and woozy but 40 minutes later, after three glasses of juice, I was better.

    Oh, I forgot to mention the grasshoppers. Most of the way, the road was coated with them. Some were dining on the crushed bodies of their brothers along with the squirrels adding protien to their diet.


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    Sounds like a tough ride Eric,

    I've had each of those things happen on different rides, but never all on the same ride! Those grasshoppers make a nice "crunch" sound when I run over them with clincher tires, not sure how they'd be with tubulars.

    RE: Clif bars, yes, I had one in my jersey pocket yesterday that I totally forgot about (even though I needed it) until I took my jersey off when I got home.

    Rick / OCRR

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