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    Thornproof tubes

    One of my neighbours asked me to repair a puncture in her Grandsons bike. A BMX that was fairly new and in surprisingly good condition. But the tube has had it. SO---down to the LBs for a new tube. They asked if I wanted a Thornproof tube. Not thinking I said yes and instead of a normal sized box- they came out with this box that lookes as though it would have 10 tubes inside. Yep--- thats right- only one tube. It weighed as much as my Ultegra Front wheel with the tyre fitted.

    Got home and boy is that tube thick. Thornproof?--I reckon that it might even withstand one of your famed Goatheads---Although I know nothing will stop a Goathead. The wall of this tube- according to the box- is 2.5mm thick. That is more rubber than I have on the tread part of my Michelin PR3's.

    Fitted the tube and sent the lad on his way. 2 hours later and he was back- The tyre is flat. These tyres may be Thornproof but they most definitely are not Kerb proof. I put 40psi in the tyre- max as on the sidewall- but there it is---one snakebite. Managed to repair it and it stayed up but I think a few lessons in how to ride a bike is going to be in order. Either that or solid tyres.
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    Yup, kids will be kids.

    I repaired a mountain bike for a teenager a few weeks ago; the crankset was completely broken into pieces. I'll never figure out how that happened and he wasn't saying. Had to install new crankset, a new front shifter - as that was shot too, plus new shifter cables/housing.

    I should move to England...we could open a shop.

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