Call it going senile. I know an old geezer who loves his bike. In fact this old guy is more like a kid in how he prefers the company of his bike to that of some pretty young girl wanting money and attention to be spent on her.

This old goat has been known to actually bring his bike into his house, and to take the thing on trips with him. Lately, he's gotten so bad that he's actually been heard talking to the thing!

Now, I know how odd that sounds, and even though some men have been heard talking to their wives and kids (who never hear them either!) or to their cars, trucks or boats, NO ONE ever talks to their bikes - right?

All I can say is, next time you come across some old fart out on the road, mumbling something to his bike or referring to it as "her" or "she", or hear of a grumpy old man with a bike parked in his livingroom, just smile and be patient. I've probably gone way over the hill... so I'll need your sympathy and understanding!