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    CTC training program for over 50s? (Chris Carmichael program)

    I am wondering if any of you over 50s has tried the Chris Carmichael program as outlined in "The Time Crunched Cyclist" and, if you had, did it need to be modified etc to take slower recovery into account.

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    I haven't read that and I'm not an expert (have stayed in Holiday Inn!), but I've read a decent amount of Friel's Training Bible, and his Cycling Past 50. While the advice in CP50 seems sensible for everyone, he does indicate that recovery can take longer for older people. I use some snippets of his programs, since they get too extensive to follow while I'm working full time, but I think I'm taking longer for recovery than he asks for. I think I need it, but I haven't really challenged myself in that way.

    I think you have it figured out, but do we know how much recovery we really need? I'd suggest listening to your body at every stage, and remember that injuries take longer to heal than for fit, trim, trained 20-somethings.

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