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    Taking the Way-Back Machine to June via pics

    The first snowfall of the year over this weekend propmpted me to remember the good times of June. In this part of the world June is full of anticipation and promise for cyclists. Oh sure, we may have been cycling since early April, but many times it would have been with leg warmers, booties, fleecy jersey, jacket, full gloves, etc. By June, we can be riding consistently with shorts and short-sleeved jerseys. The world turns from brown and grey, the birds are busy making and raising baby birds, and the spring flowers appear.

    No road bike; there will be no pavement on this ride:

    The roads in June are lined with daisy-like flowers:

    Looking up is just as interesting... looking down:

    We have a few of weeks of flowers in the fields:

    A sweeping view over Brome Lake to Bromont, the site of World Cup mountain bike events:

    On the trail section of the ride I may or may not have fallen when I went through this muddy rut. Okay, I fell, but I made it through the rut and then went down on the far side of it:

    More of the fun and dirty stuff:

    Ahh...this is better:

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    Great. Thanks for sharing. Looks wonderful. Can we do June again?

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