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    About brakes and breaks...

    I always tend to procrastinate when it comes to performing needed service to my bikes. I kinda over did it this time around.

    I kinda-sorta have been able to stop my old Trek and no doubt I certainly was over due for some new Brake Pads. Acquiring the pads was easy as we're often out and about doing holiday shopping this time of the year. Finding the time and the ambition to do the job was a completely diferent matter.

    This past Saturday was pleasantly warm (almost 40*) and I was just aimlessly puttering about the house when it dawned on me to go out on the porch and set the bike right. Now it had been so long since I had last serviced my brakes that all four pads were seized onto the bike as were the cable end bolts on the brake arms. Even the the cable yokes for the short cantilevered cross cables were rusted and seized. I know you're all tempted now to tell me all about routine greasing etc. but instead, please just refer to my first two paragraphs.

    So after a fashion my brakes (cables and all) work just a nicely as can be.

    So what's my dilemna? Now that I've got brakes I can't catch a break. I'm afraid I might actually have a break down if I don't get a ride in soon. Between the severe stormy weather and the family gatherings and holiday fussing about and all, I can't find any time to ride! That's my problem. December, as precious as it is with family getting together and shopping and all, is hell on my personal time.

    Oops, I've gotta stop belly-aching now as my work break is almost over!
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    Good catch Cranky, at least you can now avoid the third "Break", the painful bone kind from not stopping and cruising yelling into an intersection or a car This way the family and we at 50+ get to keep enjoying your company.

    Merry Christmas
    I did not get a choice whether I have Parkinson's Disease, but I can decide how to manage this disease, and to not let it take over my life.

    "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me", Philippians 4:13 NKJV

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