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    Okay, guys and gals, I am designing an Access 2000 database to compile data from the "Special Thread for 50+ yo bicyclists".

    I have had a lot of experience designing databases in the old Q&A Windows 3.1 and DOS (tells you how dated I am).

    I have only designed one Access DB, and that was some years ago, using Access 1.0

    So, I need one of you DB gurus to take a look at the DB I have designed.

    I do not find Access to be very intuitive, and it also uses language that I am not familiar with, and for some reason typing a help query in the stupid little box NEVER gives me an answer I need, and the index is little better.

    For example, I designed 3 separate entry pages off of the table I created, then I tried to link the pages so that it would automatically go from page 1 to page 2 to page 3 (This was easy and automatic in Q&A) A help search turned up nothing about linking pages, so I redesigned the whole thing on one page - I have about 35 fields or so - and it looks awfully crowded. I thought Access would link pages automatically and sequentially, as it all derives from the same table. I guess I thought wrong!

    Also, I would like to have a main field which if the answer is "no" then you go on to the next field, but if the answer is "yes" you go to a separate group of applicable fields.

    I.e, "Do you take supplements" - if the answer is "NO" then I would not want to see any more on the page; if the answer is "Yes" then I would like a list of supplements to chekc "YES" or "NO" - such as Glucosamine, Vitamin C, - you get the idea. Yet I can find no way to set this up. I can find no "IF" "THEN" operators

    Anyone out there help me design. I would be pleased to email you what I have for your review. It is pretty basic right now.

    Also, I need to design the queries - mean age, modal age, range, Std Dev, etc., and perhaps age of roadies v. age of mtn bikers, etc. Also, compilation of text lists - names of bike brands, etc.

    Average annual mileage vs. years in biking v. age. Stuff like that.

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