Had a guy hit the rear end of our 2008 chevy impala today on the way to the LBS to pick up our bikes from there spring tune up. Me & the wife sitting at red light when he hit the back of the car & pushed us about 2 feet. We both have a sore neck and shoulders but other than that we are fine. What gets me is the Thule Ridgeline 954 we got to carry the bikes took the hit and no visible damage to the car but the car will go to shop this week to get checked. I was amazed to see only the hanger arm assemble was pushed in past the up right part of the rack. We pulled off the road exchange info and we were back on our way to the LBS. Got to the shop and checked out the rack seemed ok other than the push back, which our LBS is recommending that we get the insurance company to replace it just for safety reasons. Check the hitch on car and seem like there was no movement there either. All I can say is the Thule rack pulled thru for me again, now I know why I gave it five stars even before I used it for any length of time..