Took my neighbour out for a ride today. My usual "Got some time and I want Pie" ride. I have set up the TCR for him and I took Boreas.

Only 10 miles to the cafe and he was a bit early. Big bowl of porridge that I was finishing as he turned up so when we got to the cafe it was just coffee. Route down there is a bit lumpy and has about 700 ft of climbing- in short sharp rises for about 1/2 mile at around 8%. Now this neighbour is younger and fitter than me and I am nowhere near as fit as I should be so when we got to the rises I told him to go for them and he could wait for me at the top. Did the 10 miles to the cafe in 29 minutes so he did increase my speed a bit- best I have done it before was 34 minutes.

Had the coffee and time to get back. That was where I found the reason for the increased speed. Nearly out and back route and we were into a good headwind on the way back. Return trip was 12 miles with 650 ft of climbing and took 44 minutes.

I would like to say that my tactic of letting him wear himself out on the rises on the way out worked. It didn't. I struggled to stay with him all the way back letting him punch the hole into the headwind all the way.