Here is a shot of the hay meadow/landing strip from which the Mulberry Air Force does its thing.

Here is a shot of Ark. Hwy 215 as we are headed west.

If you look REALLLLY close, you can see a cyclist entering the curve at the bottom of the hill.

We made it to the Junction of 215 and 23 and took a little break. The fast riders had come and gone. This was the "smell the roses" and "shoot pictures" group.

Nancy, the resident amateur botanist called our attention to the various flora along the route.

We turned back east and headed for food and conversation at the general store. After a few miles, we decided to take a little break and photo-op at an overlook on the Mulberry.

That's Nancy shooting the crew. Slick, my bike, is to the far left, and just to the right of Slick is Arkansas Gal, founder and fearless leader of the Roadies.