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    Rode my first mountain bike trail today - boy, what a work out

    I spent the summer putting 800 miles on my hybrid on the local roads and paved trails. Today I tried my first mountain bike single track course. It was a three mile long 'intermediate' rated trail with plenty of elevation and obstacles. Man what a workout. Great 'core' excersize. I feel like I did 100 sit ups. I have a WHOLE new level of respect for the mountain bike riders. At the end of those 3 miles I felt like I had ridden 30 miles on pavement.

    The intermediate trail was tough. It scares me to think how hard the adjacent 'expert' trails must be like.

    If you want a challenge (for a 55 year old newbie) check out the Reagan / Huffman Park trails in Medina (Cleveland) OH

    Can't wait to get out and try it again.


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    Those that do both both-MTB and Road- know what a workout can be.

    Stay off those set up trails for an easier time. Get into XC riding and just take in the scenery

    Downsview.JPG friston9.jpg

    Far easier than these man made trails till you get into the century rides.

    And you are right- True offroad does give you a work out. couple of scenes of our local trails--and you can keep riding all year round.

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