I am treating my sons to a surfing holiday in Morocco and they have finished surfing for the day. Lunch and speculation as to me and my eventual return to North America..

The essence is that living overseas makes the pension go a lot further. Besides, bicycling is another inexpensive way to see this planet. Morocco does not seem bicycle friendly from what I've seen because of the smoke-belching traffic, but I could be wrong. I do see locals riding and in the early morning see local racers in training, complete with lycra outfits.

Nice food, inexpensive dwellings and cheap remedies at pharmacies for belly troubles... Alcohol is easy to buy and petrol is not that expensive. Lybian fuel is available too .. something to do with making money

Lots of Europeans seem to come for cheap holidays - especially surfers from the UK and Germany.

Happy Christmas everyone - Peaceful Times and Happy Days. If you went riding today, Bless ya as you are sure livin' right