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    Withdrawal symptoms...?

    ...from a sedentary lifestyle?

    2011 was more or less a crap year for me. I had had a pretty active cycling season in 2010, but with the new year I lapsed into a Blue Funk. This was aggregated by ugly weather: unseasonably cold in Winter, unseasonably wet in Spring, and then an abrupt transition to a typical hot humid Ohio Valley summer.

    I was also in a lot of discomfort in summer from DJD of the neck. I was struggling with the thought of buying a recumbent, an idea that was kind of repugnant to me.

    By Fall I couldn't get out of a low seat without pushing up with my arms. Climbing one flight of stairs was an ordeal.

    My physical therapist gave me the "use it or lose it" talk. I knew everything he was saying was true.

    So. I bought a recumbent (Giro 26, quite a machine). I joined RUSA (#7302) in spite of the fact that I've not done a ride longer than 34 miles in a year. I've cut way back on the goodies. I've ramped up my exercise, but in a measured way. For example, this week's schedule has been Sunday-15 mile ride, Tuesday-30 minute spin, Wednesday-20 mile ride, Friday-45 minute spin, Saturday-30 minute spin.

    What's weird is that before the exercise I was just dull and lethargic. Now I get a pleasant endorphin surge. But much of the time I'm unusually cranky, similar to the way people describe themselves when they stop smoking. I've not given up anything really, although I've cut way back on goodies.

    Has anyone out in Cyberland had a similar experience?

    BTW, no medical advise, please. I live right down the street fron a Holiday Inn Express, so I can get lots of that kind of thing.
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    I'm a huge proponent of regular exercise and, while I can ride distances and other stuff right now, I am mentally prepared for the day when that exercise is just a slow walk around the block. Never give up the exercise. On days when I don't feel like it, ..I force myself to get ready and go out the door --all the while rationalizing to myself that it's OK to just ride around the block and go back in. You don't have to DO the exercise but why not at least get ready and walk out the door --then decide.

    The other thing I think is important is to make your exercise part of your lifestyle. If you want a coffee and donut from starbucks or dunkin every morning, ride your bike there to earn it. I ride to the train station every day for my commute downtown. It's short (2+ miles) but gets me SOME exercise.
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    I've never had withdrawal from being sedentary, but I have had the experience when recovering from injuries, of going through withdrawal like cravings from not being able to get out and ride. When I've had sedentary periods, I KNOW in my head that I will feel much better if I get out and exercise, but it is hard getting started. In my case at least, I wouldn't liken it to a withdrawal.
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