25 years ago I moved out into the wilds of Sussex from Just outside the Car park for London called the M.25 (The orbital road round London the is supposed to make it easier to bypass the City.) I also lost the chance to Visit London on a frequent basis. Instead of being a 45 minute Train ride- it is now a 3 hour drive. There is so much to see in London I have been thinking about taking a Bike up there and visiting some of the sights of my Youth. Just ride about and withgin a 10 mile x 10mile area I could keep busy for days.

Doubt it would come about though as The travelling there would take the best parts of the day and not certain how bad the traffic would be. But on BD's Link about cycling link there came up an advert at the bottom. Obviously geared to where I am but one of them is a 2 day bike ride round London.


Don't think it is for me as I want to see London and this just passes through it but any of you in the UK around that time might be interested.