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    Some Rides Near Syracuse, NY, Photos

    Back from the in-law visit and aside from the heat driving out to Syracuse I had a pretty good week, bike-wise.

    Total of 127 miles on mostly back roads exploring the country. Longest was 51 miles RT from Baldwinsville to Oswego on Lake Ontario (I had never seen any of the Great Lakes). Only one slightly challenging hill on that one: Seneca Hill. I have found it pays to think about the names of towns; very often they refer to an actual feature!

    Then two rides to Oneida Lake each taking a separate route. Did a lot of biking alongside the rivers Seneca and Oneida and the canals. Lots of fun. Hope to post some pictures soon. And possibly my routes along the way.

    Here are some photos from the 51 mile roundtrip ride to Oswego on Lake Ontario. Little to no traffic on most of the roads:

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