Anyone going on the Shoreline West tour next week? I did it in 2010 and will just be doing the 3-day option (Traverse City to Mackinaw) this year. I'm actually going up on Tuesday so I can ride the Mission Peninsula loop on Wednesday (the "layover" day), which I missed last time since I needed the rest!

I usually do these events alone since I like to ride at my own pace, stop when and where I like, and to be able to watch the scenery instead of other bikes. But this year there was a group of about 8 who were all going to ride it, so I figured I'd give it a try. Well, four of them have dropped out for various good reasons ranging from pregnancy to a recent crash, and the ones left are guys that I don't know well and really don't care to ride with.

So after trying to be sociable for once, looks like I'll end up solo once again! Unless there are other 50+ers, that is. Look for me in the Bubba Zone.