The Enola Low-Grade Trail in Pennsylvania isn't near 'Enola’. This is a relatively new rail-trail in Lancaster and Chester counties of PA.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Enola Low Grade trail (on foot). While I expected rough footing it was tough on the ankles. I’ve been looking forward to this trail for years. I’m disappointed that it isn’t constructed with the same qualities of other local rail trails.

The trail conditions are such I will recommend avoiding cycling the trail until more improvements are made. The trail surface is un-compacted stone (smaller than ballast - not stone dust) which makes it very rough. A full on mountain bike with soft tires might make a ride possible. Since AMTRAK uses the corridor for a power transmission line there are very few shady spots. Summer heat might be brutal. Trailheads are lacking support facilities – might make it tough for urgent needs of the 50+ crowd.

Since this trail is controlled by numerous local governments rather than one, there is the possibility that one section might be improved while others a neglected.