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    Quote Originally Posted by HawkOwl View Post
    Figure out how much is will cost to get a good bike. Give her the money, or tell her what budget she has to work with, and go buy the thing. Spend too much time analyzing and all the fun and pleasure will be sucked right out of it.

    If you give her "too much money" to buy a road bike and she doesn't ride it, you can sell it (and, yes, you'll lose some money so this isn't risk free).

    But if she wants a road bike and you don't get her one, this might stunt her desire to ride.

    Good luck (and let us know what she gets),

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    Here's the cyclist and dad in question, from a clip on the 10 o'clock news:

    Ever the shrinking violet.

    What's cool is in about a year the furthest eastern leg of the Louisville Loop will be completed, and there will be some great MUPs, if there truly is such a thing.

    This weekend while JRA I stumbled across unopened trail.

    Here's a section to the south:

    They route this amazingly close to the lair of the Pope Lick Goat Man. It'll make a great Halloween ride.

    This bridge leads to Pope Lick, etc. Strange and stupid as it seems, I actually gave thought to balancing me and my bent on the 2x6s. As with dumb things, it would have been cool if it worked. If I had remember my Androgel that day, I might have given it a try.

    This will connect the Beckley Creek section and the Pope Lick section and will be super cool:

    So, within the year we should have a safe environment for her to gain confidence on a road bike. It won't also hurt for her to study for her drivers license and bicycle safety at the same time.
    Signature line for rent.

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