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    T'was the night before Christmas

    T'was the night before Christmas

    T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the line
    The bikers were all thinking, "I can't hold it this time"
    With "Popeye" out leading, his legs turning fast
    I knew in my heart at this pace I can't last

    When up at the front there was some big commotion
    It seemed like a train, with lots of locomotion
    Popeye slowed down, and we all almost crashed
    When we saw what was in there-a great big old stash

    New bikes by the dozen, Treks, Quintana-Roo
    To get one of those, what do we need to do?
    And that's when we saw him; he looked slightly pale
    The look on his face, His reindeer had failed

    Delivery would not be made on this night
    His deer had abandoned him, scared off in fright
    So now he was trying to find what to do
    With a sled full of toys, and new tri stuff too

    A guitar for "BluesDawg", a jersey for "Chain"
    A white bike for 'Deeg', and for Stapfam no rain
    New bike for Dnvr,and for JPPE too-
    And for all of the children, Paulie, even for you!

    So as we were looking at the sled full of loot
    We said in a single voice-hey we can shoot
    If we tie up our bikes to the front of the sled
    We can get this delivered and then go to bed

    He looked up at us and he started to smile
    He knew we would try it-at least one more mile
    So we tied on the harnesses lined up in pairs
    And bundled up warmly-we all looked like bears

    And as we were mounting our faithful steeds
    We heard in his voice, of many great deeds
    On "Diego", on roadfan, on Julia and cccorlew
    On Beverly, on "Mono", "Artkansas", and Lew

    As we sped through the streets the load became lighter
    And as we moved forward we dreamed of hot cider
    And into the night it seemed like forever
    But we kept up the pace; we couldn't say never

    And just when we thought that we couldn't go on
    He smiled up at us, and that made us strong
    We finished his route and delivered it all
    And when we were finished, snow started to fall

    I looked at my partners, my friends on the bikes
    We all looked excited, like real little tykes
    I looked up and saw faces all covered with glee
    They couldn't believe it-"it didn't happen to me"

    And when I awoke, I thought to myself
    It couldn't have been a red suited elf
    But I heard a small voice, and it wasn't from fright,
    Say "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!"

    train safe -
    avatar is on Flagstaff Mtn, Boulder, Colorado--on the fixie--

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    Great one! That was definitely worth a chuckle.
    "The future's all yours, you lousy bicycles" Butch Cassidy

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    Thanks for posting and we may have a few hours to try the grandchildrens new balance bikes out before the rain comes again.

    A guitar for "BluesDawg", a jersey for "Chain"
    A white bike for 'Deeg', and for Stapfam no rain
    New bike for Dnvr,and for JPPE too-
    And for all of the children, Paulie, even for you

    Family are on facebook and My Daughter just posted this---

    Magic reindeer food has been sprinkled on the drive, a mince pie, a carrot and a glass of milk have been left in the fireplace (although Ferne ate half the carrot, Oakley ate half the mince pie and they both finished off the milk between them!), new PJ's are on, and Oakley is soundo... have just done a bit of sleigh bell jingling at the bottom of the stairs so no doubt Ferne will be soon too! Time to make sausage rolls, ice the christmas cake and wrap the presents now - my favourite bit

    We are round there tomorrow morning and I have been warned that when the G-Kids get up they want to phone Grumpy and NaNan to wish them merry christmas. Going to bed early as that will probably be about 5 am.


    I was wrong- They kept quiet till 3 am and we got the call at 4.45.
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    How long was I in the army? Five foot seven.

    Spike Milligan

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    Speaking of Red Suits and snow! Well done Buelito!

    Ride your Ride!!

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