No, I'm not 50+, but my mom is.

So, back in March I bought my dad, who'd just turned 70, a real sweet Schwinn Signature Series Panther for his birthday. It'd been close to 30 years since he'd been on a bike and we weren't really sure he'd like it, yet he was very excited about it. He just hopped on the thing and took off like a champ, just as if he'd never been off a bike. Nobody was expecting the bike to see much usage, yet he's out there nearly every day for a few miles around the neighborhood.

...And now it's Mom's turn.

I was pretty late to the party with purchasing a bicycle for her so I ordered one on Wednesday through the LBS. Unfortunately, the bike was not done in time for us as we were heading out of town for the weekend. Frankly, we weren't expecting the bike to even arrive until next week. It arrived yesterday but the shop was really backed up, so it didn't get done in time but did get completed later last night but we'd already left.

So, Mom's pretty paranoid as she couldn't step over the top tube to get on Dad's bike, but she won't have problems with this one, so she'll need another excuse as to not get on a bike. She claims she "doesn't know how" to ride a bike, yet there are NUMEROUS photos of my brother and I in a seat on the back of HER bike with HER sitting on it when we were young.

Mom's still doing the same ol' thing; chasing my niece's (and now my Dad...) down the street on foot, screaming at the top of her lungs for everyone to "wait up" for her as she huffs down the street after them. Now, she won't have to do that anymore. I'm sure she's wishing she had a bike so she could actually ride with everyone instead of chase after them on foot.

...And here's her new bike that she'll get the next time we visit her and Dad.