Just 3 of us this morning in My Neighbour Mick- Son-in-Law Ross and me. Mick had done a hard ride yesterday and wanted something gentler so he got an easy ride. Ross and Mick have a hard ride next weekend- I have chickened out- so just a warm up for some of the slopes they will encounter next week. Bit cool at 40f when we started but the sun was out and only 10 mph wind.

Last weekend I sent two others on this route and on the first main hill at 8.2 to 9.5 miles they walked the hill. They are the FIT ones of the group so how I was going to fare was with the gods. Put it this way--I know what bike to use with what gearing and I rode the hill and so did Mick and Ross. Strava and I-Phones do not record gradients- time or distance accurately but This hill is an old Coaching road and is a 10% average with some flatter sections to offset the steep sections on the hill and my Garmin recorded one section of 22% on this hill so I now know why I opted for the triple. And the next hill has a short 20% right at the start and is a constant 10 to 12% till just at the top where it became 8% for the last 200 yards. Only a few miles before the last of the slopes were done and the rest of the ride was done with only a few pimples over the marshes and a 15 mph headwind.

That was after breakfast on the seafront at Bexhill where some other memories of this ride came back. 3 old riding buddies in Joe-Ian and Ray. They all live local to me in the same town and the last Time I saw them was at the TDF when it came to the UK in 2007. They were wimping out today though and just doing the marshes. Out and back ride for them but as they are all above 65 years old they just enjoy getting out and riding at their pace. Just like me so perhaps I ought to change riding groups in the near future.

So a good ride for me today and it put my milage above 500 for the month and Feet climbed at over 16,000. Didn't expect that this month so I am going to put the feet up and watch the F1 and the final stage of the Giro on the TV this afternoon. That is if my eyes don't require too much rest aswell and I have to watch the Recordings tonight


Only one pic and that is of the bikes parked up for breakfast. Doesn't look enticing but the sun was out most of the time and we managed to eat outside of the cafe.