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    Took a ride yesterday

    Nothing major, just 13 miles avoiding any of the bigger bumps we have going North and South in town.
    Didn't push too hard... kept the gears a little lower than normal and my cadence smooth and high.
    Felt great to be pushing the pedals again. Came home painfree and with no serious after effects.
    Legs hurt a little... it's amazing how fast fitness and strength can begin to fade at *our* age
    Still got a some recovery ahead of me but I feel better about now.

    Meanwhile, I've started my PT.. hard to believe how much you can feel exercises that look so light and simple
    I guess these guys know what they're doing.
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    Just getting back to road riding and it hurts after the "Unreal" cycling of a spinning bike. May have overdone the ride today but it is a "Good" hurt.

    Keep the rides coming and you will soon be back on those local hills that will really let you know what exercise is.
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