I thought I'd pass along some tips on sharing images here, and ask if anyone has some systems that work better than mine.

Here's my ideal for uploading and sharing an image. I haven't found any sites/systems that meet this:

1. I right-click on an image and choose "upload to blahblah"
2. The image is uploaded to a photo sharing site, and instantly, without having to wait for the upload to complete, a link to the image is placed on the clipboard.
3. I switch to the post in which I want the image, and press Ctrl-Shif-I and the image is inserted.

Anyone got something that works that well?

I can come pretty close to this using imgur.com and imguruploader. I right click on an image and choose Send to/Imgur. It uploads it then lets me click something to display the image and I press Ctrl-C copy the link.

This works 80% of the time, but fails 20% of the time.

A product that would better is MyImgur, except that it doesn't work properly on my XP system. With this, you can click an image filename, choose "Send to Imgur," and it will upload the image, place the link on the clipboard, and exit.

Finally, instead of going through the slow and tedious BikeForums dialogs for inserting an image, I have a macro (macroexpress.com), that pastes the contents of the clipboard into the text surrounded by the IMG tags.