A year and a half ago I purchased a pair of Easton EC90SL 38mm carbon wheels (got a great price and couldn't turn it down). 12 months later the front wheel went out of true 3 times in a row after a single ride. On the 3rd time the LBS sent them in for warranty and Easton replace the wheel. When i got it back I noticed a rubbing sound whenever I cornered either left or right. I spoke to Easton and they suggested I adjust the preload on the axle and gave me a link to a video on how to do it. It didn't make a difference and they suggested sending it back in. I finally go around to it last month and 2 weeks later it can back with a new axle assembly.

My only cost was the shipping which since it weighs almost nothing was under $20.

I'm very happy with the product and with the customer service. They certainly stand behind their products.