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    The Corner Turned Yesterday

    I've got three organized rides coming up two weeks apart starting 12 April. I really want to do the Century on the 12th, but it's got a lot of climbing (for me), >6000'. February was a slow month mileage-wise due to a bit of work and some rain; the result was a case of the cycling blahs. In preparation for these longer rides I dropped my small chain ring to a 26 and changed my cassette to a 12-27. Yesterday had the best climbing ride I'd experienced in quite some time: 48 miles and 3300' of climbing feeling pretty fresh at the end. The 26-27 was plenty low enough for the two mile stretch at 10%.

    It's probably a bit of a disease that even as I get older (I'm 68) I feel a need to push myself, but it's so darn gratifying when you test yourself and succeed. Failing ain't so bad either, just happens in life.
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    I had a good day yesterday, too. Went XC skiing, diagonal, at a place with set tracks and relatively gentle rollers. I hadn't run on skis in 50 years. In 15k, I probably had 100 meters of doing it right, or at least close to right. I was flying, at least for me. I love the sensation of going fast on a track. I got tired, but a good tired. I had the core and strength to push hard enough for it to be rewarding. Very fun. My back does not hurt today! More, please.

    It was interesting to see that only mom, pop, and the kids ski diagonal now. Even geezers were on skate skis. They didn't exist when I used to do it. Cost of entry there is more than I want to pay. I have enough fun with diagonal on my ancient equipment.

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