My left hip has been getting worse and worse - so much so that I can not help my wife with vacuuming, clean off a counter with side to side motion, etc. However, bicycling is one thing I have been able to do.

I went to my ortho who prescribed PT, which I approach with trepidation, as I have had a couple of poor experiences with PTs.

However, I liked the lady PT. She complimented me highly on my overall strength - said she doesn't know any other 74yo's as strong overall as I am, my great range of motion in my lower body, my "body awareness," and my continued workouts.

We found that my SI joint was screwed up and needed a lot of work as my hips were very uneven side-to-side, my lower back was extremely tight, and my walk was all screwed up. She changed some of my exercises - my planks with my butt raised a bit, no more bridges, my bench press with a bit less weight to insure my back is flat on the bench, my PU's also with my butt raised a bit. She wants to relieve pressure on my lower back. No vacuuming for now. My walk was screwed up.

She gave me several exercises. She stated that the SI joint problem was exacerbating the bursitis problem - interacting, so to speak. I am a fanatic for following prescriptions to get my body working better, so I shall do all the exercises as prescribed.

She seemed mightily impressed with my overall workout program (swimming, walking. resistance exercises, bicycling, stretching). Nice to get some positive feedback every now and then!

So, don't be afraid to see a physical therapist if your body is a bit out of whack. But, choose caefully.

My hip joint is already feeling better.