I know this is a VERY long shot
Last October I was heading west to SF,Ca and in Monticello Fl, the panhandle, met an older couple from San Diego traveling the AC map route, southern route, to Jacksonville, Fl,while we all were refueling at a Burger King. They had left SD about Aug 16, and we met about mid October, prob mid 60s,their first x country bike ride and had folks along the way meeting and helping them.
They had never heard of this web site Bikeforums.net so I gave them a card with it
I'm interested if anyone here from SD, or So Calif may be familiar with them and if so if they finished the ride safely, I'm sure they did as they only had a few hundred miles to go.
We only spoke briefly but I remember they said the worse part was crossing the desert in August, and west Texas, but otherwise were enjoying the ride from coast to coast