I'm looking at getting either a FP Due(size 47) or a ROKH(size 46). What stem length does Pinarello put on their preassembled bikes? I need about 100mm. These are my recommendations from Competitive fit calculator which are spot on where it counts(Top tube length/stem length). Seat tube length not so much but there's too many variables to get this accurate anyway.

Seat tube range c-c 48.5 - 49.0
Seat tube range c-t 50.0 - 50.5
Top tube length 51.7 - 52.1
Stem Length 9.9 - 10.5
BB-Saddle Position 69.8 - 71.8
Saddle-Handlebar 47.1 - 47.7
Saddle Setback 1.4 - 1.8

This bike is going to be used for long rides, but I also want to be somewhat quick out of the gate. Any preferences between the two?