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    Question: 105 STI lever positioning for anatomic drop bar with downward-sloped ramps


    On my new - at least, new to me - bicycle, I've decided to use these fit guidelines as a starting point. I'm going with all of the lesser numbers on that chart, the left-side column. They have proven to be quite accurate so far.

    However, the reach is currently about 50.8 cm whereas I was aiming for 50 cm and I also feel a bit stretched. Also, my knee is about 5 mm forward of the pedal. I know that KOP is only tangentially related to fit so I shouldn't pay much attention to that, but it's just something I keep in mind and the saddle is also as far forward as it can be set because of the setback seat post, which is not the recommended type of seat post in the fit guidelines. I just feel that if Cannondale put a setback seat post on this bike they must have intended for more saddle setback than 5 cm as I am currently using. However increasing the setback, if it turns out to be necessary, will further increase the reach.

    Onto my most immediate concern, the positioning and alignment of the STI levers:

    Handlebar: 2006 Cannondale Fire, 31.8 mm, 42 cm, (15cm drop)
    Dual-Control Levers: 2006 Shimano STI 105

    1) How should be horizontal and vertical angles of the levers be measured to ensure both left and right levers are mounted in identical positions? Unfortunately, the handlebars have no markings to assist with positioning of the levers.

    2) The handlebars are anatomic with the ramps are angled downwards. As a starting point, I looked at how Cannondale had them configured in their marketing photos. These are all supposedly 2006 CAAD8 frames with the same Cannondale Fire 31.8mm handlebars but with different dual-control levers, depending on the price point:


    And here are two photos of professional racer's bicycles with anatomic drop bars, I believe at least the first photo is from 2006:


    This is from 1997:


    My concern is with the relatively steep ramp angle on the Cannondale Fires. Because of the downward angle of the ramps, the bar-shifter transition will not be perfectly horizontal. I need information on the correct configuration for this type of equipment. Specifically, the correct horizontal angle for the dual-control levers. As for the handlebars, all of the photos appear to have the bar ends pointed at the rear brakes or just slightly below so that's what I'll be doing.
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