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Fitting Your Bike Are you confused about how you should fit a bike to your particular body dimensions? Have you been reading, found the terms Merxx or French Fit, and don’t know what you need? Every style of riding is different- in how you fit the bike to you, and the sizing of the bike itself. It’s more than just measuring your height, reach and inseam. With the help of Bike Fitting, you’ll be able to find the right fit for your frame size, style of riding, and your particular dimensions. Here ya’ go…..the location for everything fit related.

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I'm a new road biker: I really need your advice!

Hey guys, new road biker here almost set on making my very first purchase. Very excited about this! However, I don't live very close to a bike shop, so getting fitted in person is not much of a possibility.

I found a bike that I want to buy online. This is the description:

The stand -over height is 32.5"

It's 23" from the center of crank to the top of seat tube

I'm 5'11'' and after sitting on my mountain bike in my garage, this is what I've discovered: I can sit comfortably on my seat (with my feet touching the ground flat) at seat height being about 35 inches high from the ground.

According to the description above, will the bike fit me?
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If your feet are touching the ground flat while you're sitting on the seat, the seat is way too low. You should barely be able to scrape the ground with both your tippy toes, simultaneously, when sitting. This will be a seat height that will correspond with a slight bend of the knee while you are riding. The reason the seat should be raised so high is because the pedals are about 6-inches above ground level when in their lowest position. You can do serious damage to your knees if you can sit and have your feet flat on the ground. If you're only doing short trips, bike fit is not so critical. However, if you're going on long trips of several miles you can generate pain in places like your knees, wrists and shoulders if the bike doesn't fit correctly.

Below is a great youtube video on how to adjust your saddle height as well as setback. It's a bit technical, but the general idea is you want only a slight bend in the knee.

To answer your question about the bike you found online, there's a good chance the bike has the right size frame for your body, but it's difficult to say for sure without test riding it first. Having long vs short legs, as well as long vs short arms, makes a difference. I'm not an expert on bike fit, but there's a ton of great info on youtube to supplement any info you receive here on bike forums.
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Bikes: 1973 Fuji S10-S Special Road Racer (vintage), 1986 Miyata 110 (vintage), Pacific FVI DS2 Mountainbike
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Thank you for taking the time to address my question. So, you're saying that as someone who is 5'11, that a 32.5'' (58.42 cm) standover height and 23'' (82.55 cm) from center-crank to top tube will fit someone like me okay? I know that you mentioned that size isn't too important, but I just want to make sure that it will be a generally good fit.
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I am 5'10". My road-racer is exactly 23.5" from center of BB to top of seat-tube. Stand-over is exactly 31.5". In shoes I can barely stand over the bike. Without shoes it is completely impossible. Put bluntly, my bike is too big for me, but I like it anyway and I ride it just fine. With a 32.5 standover the OP is probably going to find that they will need bike specific shoes with good soles to get them able to stand over the bike safely, if not comfortably. FWIW.

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Your overall height is NOT a good indicator of the correct size bike. I'm 6'0" tall and ride very big frames that fit wonderfully with my very long legs. But I have a short torso, so the top tube length needs to be relatively short. And there are plenty my height who have exactly the opposite body geometry. Plus a few who are "normal".

There are plenty of good bike fit calculators out there online that will give you a more accurate guide using a few more body measurements.
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And this calculator is probably the best:
Bike Fit Calculator | Find Your Bike Size | Competitive Cyclist
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