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    Road disc wheel building help!

    Hi folks, I'm planning a road wheel build which would require XTR mountain bike disc brake hubs being installed in a road aluminium frame - obviously the front is standard width but the XTR rear hub is 5mm wider than the frame. From what I gather it should just be a case of changing spacers to get it to fit, however I'm unsure whether the chain angle and disc clearance will be sufficient. Anyone have any experience of this? When the skewer is released my frame is several mm wider than the axle width anyway, so I'd probably only need 2-3 extra mm to fit it.

    Secondly, what are the implications of using a 32 hole hub with a 24 hole rim? My gut feeling is that I simply omit every fourth hole as I work round the rim and I've heard of this being done successfully, however I'm uncertain whether this will have any unwanted effects. The rims I'll be using can be bought in 32 spoke instead so this might be the better bet, though I think this number may be excessive for the road even with disc brakes.
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