Hi. I know I have a very similar thread to this going already, but my question has evolved some and so I figured I would pop over to a new thread. I am looking into get a NEW, fully assembled Fixie/SS bike to replace my road bike (it was a cheap craigslist bike that I am tired of pumping money into repairing/replacing parts). I commute throughout the city in Chicago, but take it out on the paths for exercise sometimes. I have pretty much settled on getting something from Performance Bike since they fit my price range, have a good return/financing policy, and have a physical shop close to me to test ride and service the bike.

I am trying to decide between the Scattante Americano 4 and the Charge Plug City.

http://www.performancebike.com/bikes...88_-1___400317 (let me know if these links are wrong)

I found the Americano first but don't really like the color scheme, so I kept looking and found the Charger and am really liking the things I am reading. My thoughts:

I chose these two mostly because of the bullhorn bars, which I prefer to ride with. However, I DO have a set of bullhorns on my bike now that I could switch over if need be.

I like the Scattante Bullhorns with the bar-end levers better, but once again, I have bar-end levers that I could put on the Charge, no biggie.

Obviously I will go test ride before buying, but I am looking for anyone who knows about the two brands' reputations or have personal experience with either.

NO KILO RECOMMENDATIONS. I know that is the go-to bike on these forums, but a) I want to test ride what I am buying and b) Most people have told me to strip down and then reassemble anything from BD before riding, and I don't have the tools or time to do that. I AM open to other suggestions though.

Any thoughts?