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    Best frame for custom build for under $700

    Hey all. I've been riding around a conversion (Schwinn World Sport) for the last couple years, and while I'm halfway decent at skids/trackstands etc. I can't help but feel like having a frame with true track geometry might help me really get into freestyle riding. My original thought was to get a Bianchi Super Pista, but I live in NYC and everyone and their mom has one, which is a deterrent for me. So I've been looking at a couple other different frames and was just wondering what everyone thought of them.

    The EAI Bare Knuckle seems to get great reviews everywhere I've looked, but is it a good frame for freestyle riding? The Cinelli Gazetta is also one I was looking at, but again, from what I've seen, they don't look quite as aggressive as other track frames I've seen.

    And what's the deal with Leaders? They're inexpensive and pretty, but from what I've read the geometry on them is ****ed. Can anyone offer feedback on this?

    Any other recommendations would also be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    To clarify, I'm looking for a frameset that costs less than $700 or $800, not the entire build.
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