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    Giant Halfway owners

    Has anyone successfully replaced the straight handlebars with drop handlebars, or any other kind of handlebars for that matter?

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    It may be too soon to be saying this but I like the bars that come stock on the 1/2way. Back in the day when I rode full size bikes I actually changed the drop bars on my Allez to straight bars. There was a bunch of us making hybrid or 'city bikes' in the '80's from medium and high end racing machinery. Because of the way the stem folds, drop bars are not going to work well on the 1/2way. You could, I think, if you carried a 6mm allen key with you loosen the stem bolt and flip the handlebars over before you folded down the stem. That way the ends of the bar would point outwards at full fold. An even better idea would be a stem extension that would put the stock bars further forward giving you a longer reach and a lower position on the bike. I suspect that is what you are after.


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