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    My Dahon P8 just arrived!


    DHL reallly re-defines the term "drop ship". The box had a few holes but I see no obvious

    Unfortunately, I won't have time to even take it out of the box for 10 days due to travel.

    I'll give you my opinion as soon as I have a chance.

    Good by high fuel prices...(suckers)


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    That's awesome...I originally wanted a P8, but my LBS was out of them, and I was impatient so I got a VD5 instead.

    I think P8s are an excellent value. For only $40 more than the VD5, you get a more efficient conventional derailleur drivetrain, adjustable stem tube, better component set, and better wheels and tires. It's hard to imagine that all that upgrade only costs the comsumer $40 more over the VD5.

    Like I said, excellent value. Excellent choice, CE. Enjoy!

    Speaking of gas-suckers, I checked my local gas station yesterday: $3.29/gal for Chevron regular.

    I get stuff shipped often by DHL to my package, a 19" flat-panel LCD monitor, had a hole in it that went straight through the monitor and almost out the other end of the box. I simply assumed they were holding a javelin-throwing event in the back of the DHL truck.
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