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Folding Bikes Discuss the unique features and issues of folding bikes. Also a great place to learn what folding bike will work best for your needs.

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Brompton copy?

Has anyone else seen these:

They look like a blatant Brompton copy, at very good value compared to the Brompton... In fact, the copy seems to be so close I imagine it must be under licence or they would surely be sued????

Anyone know anything about them?
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I found this in the Marque reviews on the A to B site:'_Guide.html#Merc

"Merc: Dysfunctional Pirate Copy:
A bit scary this. The Merc is an attractive Chinese pirated clone of the Brompton, correct in most respects, and apparently upgraded from the classic British bike, thanks to a light alloy frame. The reality is a bike that weighs 13.2kg (heavier than the steel Brompton!), on which almost nothing works properly - the saddle slips down, the brakes barely function, the front carrier block is a bit dodgy, and the cables get in a tangle when you fold it up. If offered one at the ludicrous price of 499 - or any other price - just say no."
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Yeah i remember reading that bit, sounded like a def. no go! Buyer Beware!

That page was last updated in July, so i am assuming the review reflects the current quality of the Mercs...?

Since i am also a little intrigued by these bikes i wrote the Merc peeps the following:

Hey there,

A rather authorative site on folders has some words to say on your bike.. I was wondering what your response is as i am considering buying 4 or maybe 5 of your bikes but was dismayed by the review. Specifically i want to know of the problems mentioned are a thing of the past and whether you produce your bikes under license of Brompton.. Thank You.

The review on:'_Guide.html#Merc

Reads: "Text on merc Here"

Should be interesting to see if they reply and what. So i did bend the truth , i don't think i will buy 4 or 5 ha ha, but hey if they are actually pirating a rotten copy (merc as in "Mercenary...?) i can't say i feel too guilty...

Also according to the Merc site the 3 speed bike weighs 12,34 Kilo's... huh...?

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That is a blatant copy but the reality is that Brompton's patents have long ago expired so there is nothing illegal here. Time for Brompton to start innovating a bit.

you should also know that the publisher's of A to B are sometime Brompton employees (they work trade shows for Brompton) so their indignation is somewhat to be expected.
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Ah,.. that is interesting info, you gotta wonder if their review is really fair then. I must say the review seemed a little incongruous with the Merc Pics on the site. Of course you can make any bike look good on a site. What was the price diff. between the Merc and Brompton again anyway?

So far no reply from Merc btw..
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