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    touring folder for tall rider- used market? -advice needed

    Hi, great forum here, Im hapopy to have come across such a good online resource, I have already learned a lot by searching the forums...

    I am trying to find a bike that meets these criteria:
    *quickly folds to a size that would easily fit in a car (for bike-hitching)
    *possible to use as a "touring" bike (relativley efficient on-road)
    *comforatble for a tall (6ft 5 in) rider.

    I am primarily drawn to 20" wheel models, and my budget is in the < $500 range. I am attracted to bikes like the airnimal, bike fridays (but they don't fold quickly), and some of dahon's top end bikes, but my budget has directed me more towards the used bike market (craigslist, ebay, ?any other suggestions?)

    I would like for the bike to be comforatble as a touring bike - rather than sitting upright, for long rides, loaded with gear. Also, I don't really like wasting my energy, so a bike that gets me around relativley quickly/ efficiently (for a folder) would be nice. External derailer instead of any of the internal setups is a necessity..

    Lightweight is also a definate concern, as I would like to be able to cary this bike around easily when I am not riding it. probably < 25 lbs would be prefered...(Not shure how realistic this is) The primary use for this bike will be bike-hitching (hitchhiking with a bike, so I would like to be able to fold it to a size that "looks like it will fit in a car without any problems" easily and quickly) (would the dahon matrix- see below- qualify?)

    Also, I would like the bike to not be a disposable type model, something well built that will take some abuse, not fall apart, and allow me to ride thousands of miles on it.... this is why I am leaning more towards a used bike...

    A few possibilities (used market) are a Dahon Matrix (26in mountain bike frame), fuji folder (26in mountain bike frame) Dahon mariner d7, older raleigh twenty, giant halfway (looks like it won't be large enough for me? (I just spent the last 2 days looking around everywhere I could find online and off) Any specific recomendations, especially any info on the fugi folder would be greatly appreciated.

    I like to work on bikes, so I figure that I can probably get a better deal overall if I go for a used bike...

    Would a light-ish weight folding 26" bike (such as the Matrix) with more road type tires suit my needs? Would this bike (w/ 19" frame) be comfortable for a tall rider? usable for touring? stowable in a car? The used dahon matrix seems to be the best deal I have found overall, but im not sure if it would fold small enough for me...

    Anyone have experience trying to carry on of these 26" folders around? how awkward are they to carry with you folded up?

    In the used market, what 20" folders would you look for that might best meet these criteria? Where would you look for used folding bikes for sale in the states? What dahon models would best meet my criteria (new)- how about the downtube bikes (new)?-

    Would the downtube bikes fit a 6'5" rider? be comfortable for touring? would you suggest the FS (full suspension model or normal model?)

    Thank you very much for any advice!

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    You might want to list your inseam and/or height you need measured from BB to top of saddle instead of your height, since that's the real metric for determining compatibility of a compact bike. Chances are no with the current Downtube. I can get about 780mm from BB to saddle, which is just what I need. I'm 6' with 34.5" inseam.

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