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    folding bike sale at west marine

    I stopped in at the local west marine (a boat equipment store) and they
    were having a sale on their own branded folding bike called the
    port runner. Price is 200 us regularly 300.
    Aluminum frame and some stainless components.

    I lifted it up and it seems very lightweight. I didnt ask about spare
    parts availability.

    Note: I have a downtube which is rather heavy and I paid 150 so this
    seems like quite a good deal

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    Who makes 'em?

    Thought I'd resurrect this thread and ask if anyone knows anything about these Port Runners. My folks (who are boaters) told me they picked up a pair of them the other day. I had never heard of them before.

    Here's a link.

    Obviously, some established folder manufacturer must make them for West Marine. But I can't really tell from the pictures who that might be. I know Dahon is big into the rebranding game, but that doesn't look like Dahon technology. Kind of an odd frame towards the back--no chain stay that I can see.

    Any ideas?

    - Jeff

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    Just two cents!

    I have really bad experience with some cheap made folding bike, I may recommend you purchse Dahon made folding bikes. it's easy to maintain. and you almost can find the parts everywhere in the bike store. Also, it's very affordable if you buy Yeah brand.

    - Some folding bikes are cheap on selling price. However, it's very hard to find parts if you want to repair.
    - Safty is something you may corncern as well.

    You can check the Dahon and Dahon Yeah folding:

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