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    Bike Friday computer

    Was hoping to use my Flight Deck on my new bike Friday NWT, but the wheel size is too small to program into the Flight Deck head.

    So . . . . . has anyone had luck with wireless computers on the bike Friday? I understand that because of the distance from the handlebars to the fork, some wireless computers loose their signal.

    What brand and model do you had that has worked?

    Many thanks,

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    Hi PrairieDog,

    Which cycle computer on your folder?

    Check out this thread for more info on CC's

    Cateye's CORDLESS 7 seems to work fine on BF's.

    Rafael Guerra convinced me buying a wired one. So next week I am getting one, probably Cateyes Enduro8.

    Good luck
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    You don't need a wireless computer , its bulky sensor and extra batteries .

    It is so easy to mount a wired cyclo computer on a NWT. Just remove the black plastic cap (by the ahead stem) and drop the sensor and the wire inside the tube. (I got my new NWT 10 days ago and that's what I did).
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