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    How about this Folder/Brand

    Pretty nice, reminds a little of several others:

    Brommie, Moulton, DT mini.

    Does not excell in anything from looks of it (folding, weight, ride) but seems pretty good at all of them except perhaps price...?

    Is it still around? Anyone ever ridden it?

    A to B's (to my ears somewhat biased review...) :

    Tactic Panache **
    From 325
    The Tactic Panache is a Taiwanese/British bike. It's a smart little machine aimed fair and square at the Brompton and of almost identical weight, price and gearing. On the positive side, it has good componentry, a quality paint finish and greater adjustability. On the negative side, the handling is a little wayward, there's no luggage system and the folded package is quite a bit larger at 185 litres (6.5 cu ft). The smallish 305mm tyres don't roll terribly well either.
    Prices have dropped dramtically in recent months, suggesting that the Panache may be on the way out.
    We have two road-tests of the Tactic Panache - see A to B Back Numbers
    For prices and stockists, see UK Price Tag
    Looks good, nice componentry, but slightly suspect handling
    My Tweaked and modded Raleigh Twenty. Lots of pictures and lots of general info on for example a different & Cheap Bottom Bracket solution as well as fork solution.

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    I've ridden it, A to B is right althought the steering isn't too bad. Some like it.

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